Artist Statement


For two decades I have used my artwork as a language to express concerns and thoughts about our environment and social issues. Rarely can the two be separated. The Keystone pipeline, a potential hazard for the environment creates jobs. Urban Sprawl brings new neighborhoods to live in, but dries out the Everglades in South Florida. Both have strong positive and negative impacts.

I use textiles as my preferred medium. My art pieces are stitched, fused and painted. The variety of textures, materials and colors in textiles are the words of my language. Textiles provide a tactile experience with their pliability and formability. They open up an endless stream of possibilities for me as an artist to express myself in any way I desire.

My artwork is not about doom and gloom but about creating awareness. I see the pieces as messengers as well as peacemakers. I wish to excite and inspire my viewers. I want them to think critically about important issues that confront them on a daily basis. I want my art to inspire an open and creative mind in my viewers. I also hope to nourish the viewer’s eyes and soul